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Parent-Infant Facilitator Training






About the Course

Before we provide details on this course, we would like to summarize some key information about a Parent-Infant Community.

What is a Parent-Infant Community?

The Parent-Infant (or Parent-Child) Community is a class that one or both parents attend with their child under age three. Expectant parents may also attend. Parent-Infant may meet one or more times per week. Sessions are usually 90 minutes long. There is one facilitator and up to 10 families per class.

Where can I hold a class?

Classes may be held in any safe place that can be set up for class: a church, school, a home, or even outdoors. The setup includes a quilt, and mobiles for the babies, small tables and chairs for older infants and toddlers, and shelves that contain a variety of activities. The child chooses activities according to his or her own interest. Children explore, parents observe.


The goal is to educate parents while their children are still young. Parents learn to be observant of their child. Parents have the opportunity to learn effective parenting skills and create healthy routines from early on. Parent-Infant is for EVERY family. If you want to make a life-changing difference for families in only a few hours per week, we hope you will consider creating a Parent-Infant program.

Here at The Montessori Group, our dream is to have this kind of support available to families in every community and that all parents would have access to the education they need to assist development and prevent problems.

Who should take Parent-Infant Facilitator Training?

If you are interested in providing support to families while their children are still young, bring Parent-Infant to your area. Anyone interested in starting a program, or anyone already providing Parent-Infant classes, should attend.

Professionals working with children, including social workers, children's ministry leaders, therapists, caregivers, teachers/school administrators, even parents... learn how to offer Parent-Infant in your setting. Parent-Infant is an effective outreach to young families.

It is recommended that a Parent-Infant Facilitator have Montessori 0-3 certification. We can advise you about the certification process if you are not yet certified.

The Montessori Group Parent-Infant Facilitator Training

 We are currently offering online training. Tuition includes 6 online sessions, 16 hours of recordings, unlimited use of the Parent Observation Journal for families in your program, parent education resources, and handouts. Training is followed by 1 year of mentoring through 12 monthly one-on-one mentoring calls, also included with your tuition.

Your Instructor

Susan Tracy McDaniel

Susan Tracy McDaniel, M.Ed., is a seasoned Montessori educator with over 35 years of experience. She has raised five children using Montessori methods and shares a practical, non-judgmental approach. She is a distinguished parenting coach and sought-after speaker globally and has conducted Montessori and parenting courses in the US, Europe, and Asia. Susan's influence extends beyond traditional settings, with her serving as a consultant implementing Montessori methods in a Chicago homeless shelter, Native American, and migrant communities.

Since 1993, Susan has been dedicated to educating others, sharing her expertise in Montessori Philosophy and Child Development at Seton Montessori Institute. Her contributions to the Montessori community include playing a key role in establishing the Instructor Academy for the American Montessori Society, highlighting her commitment to advancing education and instructional quality.

Susan is a certified Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT or “Tapping”) practitioner and she also imparts valuable knowledge in Respiratory Autogenic Training, specializing in applications for childbirth and relaxation.

As the Director of Learning Together Education for 25 years, Susan shaped educational content and experiences using her extensive knowledge. You can now explore her insights and teachings at The Montessori Group, where she continues to inspire and empower parents, educators, and learners with her profound understanding of children, families, and Montessori philosophy.

Susan Tracy McDaniel
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